New Book Versions and Sequence

Based on discussions with instructors who are using the ChemReview lessons with classes, we will be making the following additions and changes to the options available for the lessons.

Effective January 10, 2012 the lessons on the website and in the book versions will be offered in two versions: 

         For two-semester General and AP Chemistry, the full 39 modules will continue to have the current sequence, both on the website and in the 3-volume book version titled Calculations in Chemistry. 

         For one-semester college Preparatory and GOB Chemistry and for high school Pre-AP Chemistry, a new single volume version of the lessons titled Introduction to Chemistry Calculations has been prepared and is available for review and ordering.

This single volume provides the math-oriented topics typically covered in Prep and GOB Chemistry at a lower cost.  For additional information on the Prep/GOB book, click here .

In the spring of 2012, a new version of Calculations in Chemistry will be available that covers at a faster pace the initial topics that review fundamentals.  This will allow the General/AP Chem book versions to be reduced to two volumes, lowering their cost.  These books should be available in May for AP "summer packet" use.

To Summarize:

In considering the book versions of the modules,

         For a one-semester Prep Chem or Health-major Chem, the single-volume Introduction to Chemistry Calculations is recommended.

         For two-semester General or AP Chemistry, the volumes of Calculations In Chemistry are recommended.

We hope these changes will meet the needs of instructors and students.

Your comments are appreciated.   Please email  feedback@ChemReview.Net .

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