For Prep or GOB Chemistry  --

One Volume Book Version Available

For Preparatory or GOB chemistry, a new ONE volume Calculations in Chemistry An Introduction 550 page edition of the ChemReview lessons is available. 

This book includes the math-oriented topics most often included in Preparatory and GOB/Health courses in one inexpensive  (~$43 to students) text volume.  Topics include:

         Exponential notation, metric system, significant figures, conversions, and word problems;

         Atomic structure, ionic and covalent nomenclature, gram stoichiometry and limiting reactants;

         Molarity, dilution, solution stoichiometry, solubility schemes, neutralization calculations, and redox balancing;

         Ideal gas calculations,, heat, equilibrium, pH calculations, weak acids, and nuclear chemistry.

For additional information and a review copy, contact the W.W.Norton site for the text here.

For additional information on the differences between these two versions, click here. 

If you are looking for a single book for Prep Chem or for calculations in GOB Chem, Calculations in Chemistry An Introduction should meet your instructional needs.

Order information on the books is here.  

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