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AP Instructors can receive free copies of the ChemReview “Calculations in Chemistry” books and ebooks.
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The following are from emails received from instructors about their use of the tutorials:


These lessons encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning.   I used
the first 8 modules for summer homework.  The results were excellent.

                                                                           --      Sheryl Kostich, AP Instructor

                                                                                    Nathan Hale HS, West Allis, WI

My students have already asked if they can continue to use these as we progress

--         Martha James

Elder HS, Cincinnati, Ohio

These are working great for me and my students. I am a teacher of 3 different levels
of chemistry, so saving time with your quizzes and modules is much appreciated!

--          Deidre Walker

Colonial Forge HS, Stafford, VA

I use these for my Pre-IB Chemistry students and for summer work prior to students’ entry into AP
Chem or IB Chem.  They have saved me a lot of time, and have been very helpful for students who
must miss a lesson, for enrichment, or for review. 

Summer packets are especially useful – the AP and IB teachers can travel much faster through the
material when less review is needed at the beginning of the year.    

 --          Cynthia O'Hair, Science Dept. Chair

              Coral Reef Senior High School

These lessons are awesome! 

--         Angela Stockam

Maize South HS, Wichita, Kansas


I'm a first time AP teacher and have been looking for material to supplement the
text.  My students have said that the Chemreview is much easier to understand than
the text.

--         John Roix

Grafton HS, Grafton, MA

These modules are fantastic!!  I am getting ready to go on maternity leave from my
AP class and I feel comfortable leaving these modules for them to work on while I
am gone.

--         Dana Pickering

Meade County High School

" I have used these modules as summer work for my AP chemistry students and they have been VERY
beneficial.  The students have commented numerous times about how well these modules helped them
recall much of what they learned in chem I . "

                                                                         --          Graquetta Harris
                                                                                     Mary Persons HS, Forsyth, GA

Great help especially for those with a year between honors and AP!

--          Irene Gerdeman

            St. Francis Catholic High School

These tutorials are wonderful.  Well thought out and very specific which helps learners who need
more background. 

--          Garrett Forbes, AP Chemistry

            New Trier High School

 The Chem Review lessons have been very helpful.  I usually type up my own notes but I’ve been
looking for others and I like your clear way of explaining things. 

--          Helen Wilson, AP Chemistry

            North Garland High School

 We have the students do the ChemReview module individually and assign credit based upon the
completion of the module along with an assessment.  This material has been very beneficial to shorten
the reading and work on student mastery of mathematics at the same time.

--          John Pietrzak

            Decatur Enrichment Center

I am an AP instructor and I have found your lessons to be extremely beneficial as supplements to our

                                                                               --     Dana Isaac

                                                                                       North High School, Lee County, FL

The self guided lessons have been extremely helpful, especially for students who need extra help or
have missed class due to illness.

                                                                             --        Rebecca Toukonen, AP Chem Instructor

                                                                                        Nordonia High School

Your systematic approach is a very valuable to my students (and to their teacher).  I have links to your
text on the class web page.  They especially find the math portions helpful.

                                                                           --           Richard Trakimas, Instructor

                                                                                        Reading Memorial High School

The lessons are fantastic.  I use them for reviews prior to CST, SATII, and AP exams.

                                                                             --        Mark Sakaguchi, AP Chem Instructor   

                                                                                        El Camino Real High School

  This is a tremendous resource.

                                                                        --              Michelle Antiporta,, Instructor

    Academy of Careers and Exploration, Helendale, CA

This site was recommended at the Institute for AP Teachers at Texas A&M.

                                                                        --              Kirsten Ermis, AP teacher

                      Magnolia High School

I have been using these reviews with the students that I have taking the AP chem test in May.  They are
well written and provide all the necessary materials that the students need to review before the test. 

--          Crystal Buckaloo

Bonham High School Science Dept.

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