Corrections are listed below.

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Corrections are made as soon as possible, and corrected versions are posted.  

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Corrections below are listed in the chronological order in which they were made. 

Prior to Feb 22, 2010:

1.  In Lesson 10G, just above practice A, it should state "10 molecules of water" formed.

2.  Lesson 12C, Practice B, problem 1, should start "To 50.0 mL of 0.100 M HCl..."

3.  In Lesson 3B, problem 8, the question should match the question in the answer.

Prior to May 13, 2010

4.  In Lesson 25C on electronegativity, sulfur's electronegativity in the table should be 2.5.

Prior to August 16, 2010

5.  In Lesson 18C, the last problem on problem set C, the balanced equation should have 2 water molecules.

Prior to 2/10/11

6.  In Lesson 28A on Le Chatelier's Principle, the statement and problems on the impact of volume and pressure changes in gas equilibria has been corrected.

Prior to 3/22/11

7.  In Lessons 34 B-D, an unproofed version was posted in error.  The newer posted version has several changes in rounding and editing during calculations. Some of them are

In Lesson 34B, Problem 4, the last line should be   8.55 + 0.48 = 9.03 = pH

In Lesson 34D, Problem 2C, the question has been changed and the mL acid added and mL total corrected.

Prior to 4/18/11

8.  In Lessons 35E, problem A1, the [Na2CrO4] in the question should be 0.0200 M.

Prior to 7/14/11

9.  In the nuclear module, in the first lesson, on the Ag-109 example, protons should be 47 and neutrons 62.

10.  In the nuclear module, on the last problem set, Answer 2b, the symbol for 40.0 years should be t .

Prior to 10/15/2011

11.  In Lesson 14E, in the data of the sample question, the mis-typed mL should be 24.18, rather than 28.14.