13 — Illustrated Guide: How Your Brain Solves Problems

A break from blogging has been required for work on the second edition of Calculations In Chemistry – An Introduction.  We will be back to blogging when the chapter deadlines have finally passed. Meanwhile, at the link below is posted a presentation that might be titled:

An Illustrated Guide to How the Brain Solves Problems


Why Science and Engineering Major Enrollments Have Fallen

and How We Can Fix Them

at       www.chemreview.net/pdfs/ChemEd2015Post.pdf

A question from the slides:  For 80,000 Virginia 9th-grade students each year taking the Stanford 9 standardized test, as shown in the graph below, scores in math reasoning went way up.  Why did skills in solving calculations go way down?

Ponder!  Then check the link above to see what science says.

Microsoft Word - WordPlosIowaLand.docx


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  1. Jason Just August 18, 2016 / 7:47 am

    Home Run! Another great post…and THANK YOU for sharing all the slides / resources from your presentation. Love the research, love the practical application. Keep up the great work!

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