Judy Hartman (US Naval Academy), Don Dahm (Rowan Univ.), and Eric Nelson (HS/AP) have prepared materials designed to apply findings of cognitive science to help

  • Instructors to move a part of lecture content to study time, and
  • Students master fundamentals of first-year chemistry.

Below is a summary of those resources.

1.   Free Lessons.  The first two chapters of our introductory text, covering exponential notation and the metric system, are posted for free student use (and as easy-to-use homework assignments from instructors) at


(Depending on your browser, for links inside these PDF files to work, the files may need to be downloaded and then opened in a PDF reader.)

Quizzes on those first two chapters —  in a format that allows you to select, add, and edit questions — can be obtained by sending an email to Quizzes@ChemReview.Net .

2.   Textbooks.  We have written two books that apply principles of cognitive science to helping students learn chemistry.

Book One is Calculations in Chemistry — An Introduction — available as a  24 chapter, 550 page paperback text or in an eBook format, both published by W.W. Norton.

We recommend Introduction for courses preparing students for general chemistry, for use in GOB chemistry, and for help in FIRST semester General Chemistry.

Information on the 24 chapter paperback text and eBook is at

Calcs in Chem – Introduction

 A sample lesson (try it!) is at     GasLawLesson.pdf

High schools may purchase a license for the eBook for $36 for 6 years — $6 per copy per year.  Contact Norton at the Calcs – Intro link above for more information.

Book Two is Calculations In Chemistry —  General Chemistry , a 39 chapter, 1,250 page collection of homework tutorials available as a PDF rental for one year for $40.

This book is recommended for two semesters of General or AP Chemistry,

A sample chapter and Table of Contents is at

KMTsample.PDF    (unlock with ” Avo6021023 “)

For more information this 39 chapter version, see   Gen Chem edition

In both of these texts, the “active reading” format promotes comprehension and mastery of content as homework preparation for lecture, allowing more time in class for demonstrations, problem solving, and other instructor-guided activities.

Free review copies of both texts be obtained by both college and secondary instructors from your W.W. Norton representative or at the link to Norton for the Intro text above.

The Preparatory/GOB text has been reviewed in the Journal of Chemical Education at  JCE Review  and on Amazon at  Amazon Reviews  (check reviews on both editions).

3.   Quizzes:  For instructors using the books or ebooks with classes, editable weekly quizzes are available on the content.

  • Quizzes for all of the preparatory and general chemistry lessons can be obtained by sending an email to Quizzes@ChemReview.Net 
  •  Include in your email which text (Prep or Gen Chem) you would like quizzes for.

4.   Activities:  Challenging problems that can be worked in class with instructor guidance are available for all chapters of the general chemistry tutorials.  For details, email


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